Three Little Bears (TLB) – Wild Rainforest Honey

The Gift from Nature! Proven by Science.

Wild rainforest honey in South East Asia is one of the best honey in the world due to consistent weather throughout the whole year.




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What is Wild Honey ?

Three Little Bears Wild Honey was harvested from bee hives deep in the wild natural rainforests in South East Asia. Natural wild honey contains minerals and nutrients that is no comparable by normal market or farm honeys. It is harvested from honey combs in wild rainforests and the quantity is always limited. Wild bees can work 365 days throughout the year under the consistent tropical weather in South East Asia, unlike countries with seasonal climate. Natural wild honey are truly irresistible by its unique taste, quality, nutrition and minerals. Natural wild honey is a precious gift from nature and it is also known as the “Teardrop of Titan”.

Three Little Bears (TLB) Wild Honey

Our wild honey is 100% organic, pure and natural. Our honey quality stands above the rest in which you can observe from the dark and rich textures. We preserve the original state of natural wild honey by eliminating all chemical or thermo processes. Great care is taken with our honey to protect the bioactivity and naturally occurring enzyme and antioxidants. That’s why TLB Wild Honey can give you 100% grade
guaranteed, consistent and top quality rainforest honey.

Health benefits of Wild Honey

✅ Contains powerful flavonoids and antioxidants
✅ Reduce high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
✅ Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal
✅ Anti-viral and Anti-allergenic
✅ Anti-aging
✅ Improve digestion
✅ Probiotic (thousands of live enzymes and friendly bacteria)
✅ Boost immunity system
✅ Aids weight loss
✅ Improve skin complexion
✅ Improve athletic performance
✅ Reduce cough and throat irritation
✅ Heal wounds and burns
✅ Help achieve deep sleep
✅ Help prevent cancer and heart diseases
✅ Help prevent and cure gastric pain
✅ Help prevent and cure unirary tract disorders
✅ Help prevent and cure bronchial asthma