Three Little Bears (TLB) – Wild Stingless Bee Honey

The Gift from Nature! Proven by Science.

Our Stingless Bee Honey (also known as Kelulut Honey) is produced by the rare species of Stingless Trigona Itama and Trigona Thoracica bees.




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What is Stingless Bee Honey (Kelulut)?

Stingless Bees are rare and exceptional bee species and they are much smaller in size than regular honey bees. This enable them to collect flower nectar from the deepest parts of the blossom, which also has richer concentrations of the plant nutrients. Our stingless bee honey is harvested from the Wild Stingless Trigona Thoracica and Trigona Itama species. It looks a little dark in color and the taste is a bit sourish and sweet. Wild stingless bees usually nest in tree trunks, tree stumps or tree branches, throughout the rainforests of Malaysia.

Why Choose TLB Stingless Bee Honey?

✅ Comply to IHC (International Honey Commission), EU (European Union), MS (Malaysia Standards) and SS (Singapore
✅ Tested by independent scientific laboratory

✅ 100% organically farmed – away from pollution, no harmful pesticides.
✅ High Diatase Activity. Comparable to Manuka
Honey of the same strength
✅ Filled with beneficial probiotics and enzymes.
✅ Infused with propolis and flavonoids and phenolic compounds.
✅ Very low moisture content of 13.4%. Our honey is more concentrated than others and contains more nutrients.
✅ 98% of sugar contents are Natural Reducing
Sugar (Fructose+Glucose). No presence of Sucrose (Cane sugar) which indicated there is
no addition of artificial sweetener / processed
✅ No presence of heavy metals.
✅ No presence of hydroxymethylfulfural content
(HMF) which is a heating indicator. That means
our honey is not processed / mixed by heating
✅ No presence of ash or water-insoluble content.This represents the purity and hygiene of our

Why Choose Three Little Bears (TLB)?

TLB Stingless Bee Honey is checked and tested by independent approved laboratory ALS Global to guarantee the purity and quality of our wild rainforest honey. Our laboratory reports have proven that our honey is 100% pure with high quality which complies with international standards such as IHC, (International Honey Commission), EU (Europian Union) and MS (Malaysian Standards). Our honey is proven to be free from artificial preservative, additive, coloring, flavoring